Board of Directors

The Montessori Family School Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who are passionate about MFS and dedicated to supporting its present needs and future direction. Working alongside the faculty and administration, the Board meets bi-monthly to ensure the smooth operation of our school as an independent, non-profit organization. The Board’s responsibilities include:

  1. Ensuring that the school has adequate resources and that its resources are used to support its mission in compliance with applicable law;
  2. Overseeing the long term health of the school by setting and refining the school’s mission, vision and philosophy; reviewing school policies; and planning for the school’s future;
  3. Supporting, supervising and assessing the Head of School; and
  4. Supporting MFS and acting as its goodwill ambassadors.

Standing Board committees include: Finance, Governance, Fundraising, Communications and Strategic Planning. The Board creates task forces on an as-needed basis. While engaging in its work, the Board is mindful of its commitment to maintain and improve the Montessori aspects and character of our school. Daily operations of the school are left in the very capable hands of our Head of School.

The MFS Board currently has 13 members, including our Head of School, current and alumni parents, the president of the Parents’ Association, and two staff representatives. All Board and committee members generously volunteer their time, resources and expertise to the school. Their dedication and hard work support the maintenance of high educational standards at MFS.