Our Mission & Core Values

Preparation for Life,
Education for Peace,
A Community for Children

Preparation for Life:

“A child is a discoverer. He is an amorphous splendid being in search of his own proper form.”

— Dr. Maria Montessori

MFS prepares children to thrive. Purposeful activity, multi-age classrooms, adult and peer role models, and an exceptional Montessori curriculum prepare the students to participate meaningfully and skillfully in an ever-changing world. Students leave MFS primed for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in high school, college, and in life.

Education for Peace:

“The experience of our classroom is what lets us know that peace is possible, as Gandhi and Montessori envisioned it, if we ‘begin with the children.’”

— Jane Wechsler

The classroom is a place of peace at MFS. Children express their innate sense of justice, equality, and goodness within the classroom community. Regular experiences of peaceful conflict resolution, freedom within limits, and social responsibility cultivate a value system our graduates carry out into the greater world to contribute to a more peaceful society.

A Community for Children:

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

–- Dr. Maria Montessori

The Montessori classroom is a loving community within which all members actively support one another while successfully pursuing their own development and interests. This sense of interconnectedness and responsibility is carried by alumni and families into the community at large. MFS is a community of students, teachers, administrators, board members, and parents who are focused on doing that which serves children best.

Our Core Values


Of vital importance is respect for children and for one another. Each day we embody compassion and integrity–qualities essential to education for peace.

Asking What Serves Children

Our community exists to serve children; we continually ask how we may better serve each child.

Purposeful Work

We support children’s efforts to improve their world through their own work. We honor the multiple ways children learn and innovate.

Autonomy and Collaboration

A collaborative community of autonomous individuals mirrors the interconnected nature of all things. We provide children with the first-hand experience that collaboration yields powerful results.

Learning and Teaching In Meaningful Contexts

We provide a dynamic environment to encourage personal growth, academic accomplishment and intellectual curiosity.

Working within the Framework of the Montessori Philosophy

As a Montessori school, we value a thoughtful and well-prepared learning environment that is both purposeful and peaceful.