Visiting MFS

All families who are considering Montessori Family School are encouraged to visit the school, to get a first-hand sense of the school’s programs, and meet the members of the MFS community.


Open Houses

The Early Childhood Education Campus hosts two Open Houses per year, one in the fall, the other in the winter. Families can tour the classrooms and meet teachers, the Head of School, and current parents. Children can engage with classroom materials and current students. Open House schedules are flexible, with families invited to come at their convenience, and stay for as long as they like.

Open Houses at the Elementary/Middle School Campus are held bi-yearly in the fall and winter. These two-hour events provide families with an introduction to the Montessori philosophy and an overview of the Kindergarten Transition, Elementary, and Middle School programs. In each classroom, students give demonstrations showcasing what they’ve learned, and share their perspective on MFS. These sessions offer the most comprehensive introduction to MFS, and the benefits of a Montessori education in the years from kindergarten through middle school.

School Tours

School tours offer a wonderful opportunity to observe students and teachers in the classroom during a normal school day. During your tour, we will introduce you to the School’s Programs, explain the application process, and answer any questions you may have.

  • Tours of our Preschool classrooms start on October 15, 2014 and end in March.
  • Tours of our Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School classrooms start on October 14, 2014 and end in March.

After touring the classrooms at our Elementary/Middle School Campus, you will have the chance to speak with the Head of School, to learn more about MFS and the Montessori philosophy.

To schedule a tour, please call either campus office:

  • Early Childhood (Preschool): 510-848-2322
  • Elementary/Middle School (K-8): 510-236-8802

Or click here: Schedule a tour»

Student Visits

Early Childhood Campus

Once your child’s application is received, the Director of Early Childhood will contact you to schedule a visit for your child.

Elementary/Middle School Campus

Once MFS has received your child’s application, you will be contacted to arrange a student visit. Your child will come in during the morning of a regular school day, and stay for a half-day visit (2 hours for a Kindergarten applicant). This is great way for your child to become more familiar with the school’s classrooms, and for teachers to assess your child’s skill level. Visiting students are immersed in the classroom culture, and usually even the most reluctant child has a wonderful and positive experience.