The MFS Community

Montessori Family School has a vibrant community that includes:

  • More than 160 children, ages 3-14,
  • 100+ families of all ages,
  • 35 faculty members, none of whom feel a day over 29,
  • six administrators,
  • one Head of School,
  • 13 volunteer board members, and
  • assorted fish, birds, tarantulas, and geckos.

Making Connections

Connections among families at MFS often start at our Berkeley Early Childhood Campus, where parents organize casual weekly play dates on fair-weather Friday afternoons. These playdates are an ideal opportunity for the children to wind down their week with their friends, while their parents have an opportunity to get to know the parents of their children’s playmates. For families with pre-preschool-age children, meanwhile, the Parents’ Association organizes “little sibling” playdates that take place the morning of the third Thursday of each month.

Families at the Elementary and Middle School Campus meet and gather for conversation at drop-off and pick-up, where plans and play dates are often spontaneously arranged.

On a monthly basis, Head of School Henry Trevor hosts a morning or afternoon gathering of parents, alternating between the Berkeley and El Cerrito Campuses. Parents are invited to bring topics or questions for discussion. These events often lead to a deeper understanding of the Montessori philosophy, and the ways in which this philosophy is applied in MFS classrooms.

Numerous other school and PA events throughout the year provide additional chances for families to participate in and build the MFS community.

Staying Connected

Each week, MFS distributes “The Weekly”, a school-wide email newsletter that keeps families current on upcoming school events, volunteer opportunities, and recent goings-on in the classroom.

MFS also has a password-protected community website providing access to a wide array of classroom information and calendar pages, news and events information, photos, school forms, a parent and staff directory, and more.

Finally, to facilitate communications among families, there are two campus-specific discussion forums that parents can use to connect with one another