Montessori Family School is fortunate to have a dedicated community
Perhaps the best way to participate in your child’s experience at Montessori Family School is to volunteer. In this way, you’ll get to know other MFS families and students and increase your familiarity with the teachers and classroom, together enhancing the experience for the entire student body and overall community at MFS.

Parents play a vital role in the ongoing success of Montessori Family School. It has been shown time and again that parent involvement in their child’s school is a decisive factor in the success of the children and the school. Parent participation in the classroom, on field trips, at community events and in fundraising is essential to the school’s well-being.

Each family is required to contribute 20 hours of parent participation work per year, with 5 of those being on fundraising activities.

School and Classroom Volunteering Opportunities

  • Reading or writing with individual students
  • Conducting an in-class presentation
  • Serving as a room parent
  • Driving on field trips

Volunteering at Community Events

  • Coordinating event hospitality
  • Hosting the Ladies’ Night Out
  • Assisting at the Pasta Party or at school movies and dances
  • Providing Teacher Appreciation Breakfast or Lunches

Fundraising Volunteering Opportunities

  • Helping with the Spring Auction
  • Serving as the Annual Giving Chair, or Annual Giving Classroom Agent

Volunteer Service on Boards and Committees

  • Parents’ Association Board
  • MFS Board of Trustees
  • MFS Board Committees