During our mornings, campers will split into two groups and rotate between circus arts with Danielle and visual arts with Amanda. Afternoons feature a special guest artist in either yoga, drumming, theatre, or capoeira, plus the opportunity to explore more visual and circus arts.

Want to know more about just what we mean by ‘visual arts,’ or get concrete ideas about the circus skill students will develop? Read on!


Within a single week at camp, each day will focus on a different area of visual arts:

Ceramics: Campers will have a Monday ceramics class, learning basic hand building techniques (like the pinch pot and slab building) that will inform more involved projects such as a using their own face as inspiration to make a mask that they will glaze and can masquerade in or use as a wall hanging.

Book Making: This will be a chance to discover book-making techniques like an accordion-fold book and basic binding with needle and thread. Bookmaking days will include a nature walk and observational drawing that can be made in their new books.

Print Making: Students will learn and implement basic printmaking skills using linoleum, sponge and vegetables as stamps.  These sessions will also give campers a chance to dye fabric using plant materials and incorporate printmaking into the natural dye project.

Puppet Making: Campers will learn basic puppet making and have a chance to express creativity through puppet craft and performance. Students will have the opportunity to put on a puppet show during the Friday showcases as individuals or in collaborative groups.

In addition to these hearts of the day, several other projects will be available, such as paper making, mixed media sculpture, recycled bird feeders, and instrument making, as well as lots of inspiring side projects in our DIY stations, keeping us close to the Montessori  The campers’ personal art style will really have a chance to flow and flourish!


The term Circus is a wonderfully large umbrella that captures fantastical feats using just the human body and simple props. For us, over the six weeks of camp, it will mean just that — learning how much we can do with our bodies and creating play and performance with those skills. Throughout a week of camp we will grow skills in a wide variety of areas, challenging the athlete, clown and collaborator in all of us. What does that mean and how will we begin? Skills are broken down into four main parts: tumbling, partner and group acrobatics, object manipulation, and clowning. All skills will be tailored to level of the individual student; creating an environment where students can safely and successfully challenge themselves and find the joy in movement is the highest priority.

Tumbling: We will begin with a variety of ways to move across the floor, learning the importance of body engagement, momentum and trying your best.  Traditional tumbling such as forward rolls, cartwheel and handstand will be learned alongside parkour rolls and partner walks.

Partner & Group Acrobatics:  Human pyramids will start small as simple acts of relying and working with one person, and grow more complex as campers understand the responsibility and communication around holding one another up. So many cool shapes and life lessons to be learned here.

Object manipulation: Campers will be introduced to stilts, juggling scarves and balls, spinning plates and rola bola over the first few days of camp. Once basic competency is gained these tools will be available at free play and focus learning times. Skill building is all about repetition, practice, and patience!

Clowning: Through clowning games we will play with theater, creative problem solving and the presentation of our newly gained circus skills.

Monday through Friday campers will have two classes of circus a day and an option for object manipulation during free times. Skill building is all about practice. Each morning we will practice our tumbling and partner/group acro skills, building as we go.  In the afternoon we will take out the toys and spend time juggling, stilt walking spinning plates and/or clowning.

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